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Introducing the Free Radicals podcast

The Free Radicals podcast will tell the story of Münster in a way that you might not have heard before. The way the story is often told, a tale of religious fervour, abuse of power, sexual indulgence, and violence, that if it was a Hollywood movie you wouldn’t think it was realistic. Even though the events of this story are almost 500 years old, they continue to be relevant. It is a story that the Mennonite chuch is still recovering from. It is used as a cautionary tale by both sides of the church history debate; depending on how you tell it, it’s either proof that bad things happen when good Christians pick up the sword, or it’s proof that bad things happen when they don’t.

This website is where you can find the episodes, read the show notes, and comment on what you are hearing. You can also follow along on facebook or instagram. The podcast will launch on January 2, 2024.

Stay tuned.

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