Free Radicals podcast Uncategorized Episode 3 – Bernhard Rothmann and the three wise men of the Radical Reformation

Episode 3 – Bernhard Rothmann and the three wise men of the Radical Reformation

Bernhard Rothmann gets sent on a Reformation tour of interesting German cities and along the way he encounters influential voices in the various branches of the church reformation movement.


  • 1480 – Balthasar Hubmaier is born in Friedberg, Bavaria
  • 1489 – Caspar Schwenkfeld is born in Ossig, Silesia (now Osiek, Poland)
  • 1495 – Melchior Hoffman born in Schwäbisch Hall in southern Germany
  • 1521 – Balthasar Hubmaier arrives in Waldshut, Tiengen
  • 1523 – Public debate in Zurich where Balthasar Hubmaier opposes Ulrich Zwingli on the issue of baptism
  • 1525 – Wilhelm Reublin arrives in Waldshut from Zurich and baptizes Balthasar Hubmaier and sixty other people
  • 1526 – Balthasar Hubmaier arrives in Nikolsburg, Moravia (now Mikulov, Czech Republic) after fleeing Ferdinand I’s forces
  • 1528 (March 10) – Balthasar Hubmaier is executed in Vienna
  • 1529 – Caspar Schwenkfeld arrives in Strasbourg and stays for five years
  • 1529 (beginning March 15) – Diet of Speyer restricts future church reforms and supporters of Luther protest the outcome (hence the name “Protestants”), the Diet also permits/encourages the execution of Anabaptists as heretics (with silence and/or endorsement from the Protestants)
  • 1530 – Melchior Hoffamn arrives in Strasbourg the first time
  • 1531 – Bernhard Rothmann’s reformation tour to Wittenberg, Marburg, and Strasbourg
  • 1533 – Melchior Hoffman arrives in Strasbourg a second time
  • 1533 – Melchior Hoffman’s predicted return of Jesus to Strasbourg as the New Jerusalem fails to take place
  • 1543 – Melchior Hoffman dies in a Strasbourg prison
  • 1561 – Caspar Schwenkfeld dies but his followers keep his location secret to hide him from the authorities

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  1. Wedding congratulations to you and Robin! I’m continuing to enjoy your episodes. Is there going to be a video for episode 4? I’m holding off listening as I like to see the visuals as well.

    1. Hi Wayne,
      Thanks for the kind note. I’m working on episode 4 still. My software package said it would help with captions, and I’m having trouble ironing that out. I’ll post it soon. Thanks again for following along.
      – Will

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