Free Radicals podcast Uncategorized Episode 1 – Martin Luther and the Niesinck Convent

Episode 1 – Martin Luther and the Niesinck Convent

Today is the official launch of the podcast. The first full episode is available now. You should be able to find it on all major podcast platforms (if not, let me know). There is also a link down below if you want to listen through the website. Thanks for listening.

Timeline of Events:

  • 1483 – Martin Luther is born in Eisleben, Germany
  • 1501 – Martin Luther enters the University of Erfurt to study law
  • 1505 – Martin Luther joins the Augustinian monastery in Erfurt as a monk
  • 1508 – Martin Luther begins teaching theology at the University of Wittenberg
  • 1512 – Martin Luther earns a doctorate in theology and becomes a professor
  • Oct. 31, 1517 – Martin Luther “posts” his 95 theses for discussion in Wittenberg
  • 1521 – Martin Luther is excommunicated and declared an outlaw at the Diet of Worms, goes into hiding at Wartburg Castle and begins translating the Bible into the common language
  • 1524-1525 – Peasants War rages, mostly in southern Germany, between peasant forces and imperial forces
  • March 3, 1525 (Shrove Tuesday) – Carnival revelers break into various Münster convents, disrupting vespers and demanding to be given soup
  • May 1525 – Craftsmen break into Niesinck convent and while their theft is interupted by staff, their arrests are interupted by fellow guildsmen threatening retaliation

Book and movie recommendations:

An exhaustive amount of information is available about the life and legacy of Martin Luther. The wikipedia article is available here for reference.

With regards to the “intensity” of Luther’s spirituality and personality, Dr. Ian Osborn has written a book outlining why he feels Martin Luther’s story is an obvious example of Obsessive Compulive Disorder and he uses it as an example of how the mental illness can be treated now. Martin Luther’s Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: How the Great Reformer Cured OCD and What He Learned

Not much has been written about the break-in at the Niesinck Monastery, but there are libraries full of information about Martin Luther. I recommend the movie about his life starring Joseph Fiennes. You can find it on Amazon here.

4 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Martin Luther and the Niesinck Convent”

  1. Excellent story telling, Will! I enjoyed episode #1, and will be continuing through the series. I learned much. Plus, you tell the story in way that gives it more life, more realism, like you’re listening to an eye witness who saw the events happening just a few days ago. Robin was a good addition, too. Keep the podcasts coming!

  2. I appreciated a natural move in this podcast. In the introduction you referred to religion practices of your upbringing. Your introduction of Martin Luther – his Faith questions – came naturally as I was thinking about your ‘religion language’. By telling Luther’s story your story line seems to also move to ‘faith talk’. I enjoyed Robin’s reading of certain marked items in the 95 Theses. PLUS, I cannot but appreciate a bit of extra information which I was not aware of. He was an intellect, yes, definitely problems with indulgences, but related easily among miners and commoners. So their concern becomes seemingly more his concern as he relates to The Church. Very good!

  3. Good job by the soloist singing the words of Martin Luther!
    Actually, interesting and engaging podcast. Thanks.

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